The Sharebox

Dynamic communication at the touch of a button

Secure storage and file sharing

The Sharebox is our new secure file sharing and storage solution that your managers and employees will love and your IT department can trust!

Designed to help HR or Operations create a dynamic community in which any type of documents can be shared amongst employees securely and which will encourage collaboration across all departments.

Low cost, unlimited storage

Create a dynamic community to securely share documents

Business benefits clear to see

Business benefits clear to see

The Sharebox brings together an organisation’s document management system into one common location, overcoming the challenges of sharing files and managing user access. By assigning files to user groups or restricting individuals, we ensure that your global directory of documents is protected behind a secure firewall. The creation of files and the navigation of the directory is simple, yet dynamic enough to cope with endless files within directories and multiple access scenarios.

SOPs to company handbooks - all at the touch of a button

The Sharebox is structured in such a way that directories can contain multiple file types. The list of available types includes standard files such as Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, CSV files. Website link types to add for references or to share. The Sharebox even contains a form type, a unique form builder that enables users to create dynamic forms. This includes industry standard SOP pages that can be easily displayed through the web portal or reproduced as a printed document.

Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration

Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration

As well as favouriting, downloading or sharing documents, users with the appropriate access will be able to interact with the documents leaving feedback. This will result in a network of communication and user interaction logs that will support the auditing and tracking of company SOP standards by senior managers. File managers can be notified when an interaction is taking place with their file, for example, notifications can be triggered when comments are added or when documents have been read and confirmed by approved users.

Encouraging staff engagement & communication

Simply allowing your team to access documents does not fully confirm whether they have either read or understood the contents. The Sharebox will enable users to confirm that they have both read and accepted the contents of a document that helps underpin good training, good communication and staff engagement.

Staff compliance made easy

Procure Wizard

Easy to use

  • Simple to get started
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Save valuable office space
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Quicker workflow process
  • Faster and easier retrieval
  • Improve processing speed and monitor your outputs

Key benefits for your business

Lee Thomas, Procurement and Contracts Manager

I have used a very well known and established solution for many years and cannot believe how much better Procure Wizard is.

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