Purchase Order Approval

Purchase orders are automatically directed to the nominated approvers

Dynamic purchase order approval

We enable multi-site operators to set company supply chain/approval policies to be followed by every employee, for every order, regardless of the complexity of the policy. The unique system approval mechanism automatically matches the approval rights of the employee, line managers and senior manager for each and every supplier.

Dynamic purchase order approval

Approvers have no need to log in, a single click of a button from their phone or desktop will release the order directly to the supplier.

Increase productivity

Procure Wizard works with your company’s approval processes, sending notifications to approvers by e-mail. You can also set up highly flexible rules that automatically route purchase orders to the correct department or budget holder. This results in a new level of operational efficiency because documents are no longer lost or misfiled.

Approvers have no need to log in, a single click of a button from their phone or desktop will release the order directly to the supplier. An intuitive dashboard overview keeps the end-user informed of his order status and alerts are triggered to ensure no orders are missed.

An approval matrix that really works

We understand that what works for one user is not going to be the same for every user. Available budget for one supplier is quite simply not going to be the available budget for every supplier. The same person doesn’t approve every order as budget holders can vary depending on users, units, suppliers and even the business performance.

For Procure Wizard a dynamic approval matrix has been built in to everything that we do to ensure that no matrix is too complicated, we can even flex the matrix based on variables triggered by our Gross Margin Flash and Cost Commitment Modules.

However simplicity is at our core and users with the right authority levels will be able to place orders without ever having to pass through an approval matrix if you desire and within the budget constraints that you’ve set them.

Procure Wizard can transform the way you track expenditure

Procure Wizard

Easy to use

  • Single Approval
  • Multi Approval
  • Chained or Laddered Approval

Key benefits for your business

Matthew Armitage, Head of Procurement & Supply Chain

We now have visibility on a daily basis available to managers, regional managers, area directors and head office personnel that is both real-time and directly linked to our sales to give the managers the tools to achieve the very highest of standards of labour control within the industry.

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