Cost Commitment

Cost management, the way you want it

Flexy purchase order approval

As the business changes, so should the approval process in order to manage the budget as effectively as possible. Our flexy purchase order approval management workflow can divert approval based on % of spend left as well as fixed values and achievement of gross margin targets. This ensures that managers who are empowered to work within budget parameters can do so, whilst ensuring that variances are automatically referred for secondary approval.

Pinpoint costs in real-time

Procure Wizard’s unique Cost Commitment module tracks and controls in real-time the actual committed expenditure against budgeted targets by nominal code and department. This unique feature is fully integrated with our Purchase to Pay, stock management, fixed cost and pre-payments schedule and is an ideal management tool, both at local level and also across the entire group.

+100% visibility

Dynamic forecasting

Our Cost Commitment module goes beyond comparing the actual / committed expenditure against a fixed weight budget. We understand that businesses are dynamic and have to respond to the business trends to reflect their available expenditure. We mirror common business processes of forecast flexing in line with a % of total sales, a fixed sum per item sold or simply a fixed value. Our solution is designed to ensure that we provide real-time management data in an easy-to-use format that replaces the traditional excel spreadsheet with a dynamic management tool that adds real value to the business.

Dynamic forecasting

Period end pack

Period end can be a stressful time, gathering data, stock management, accruals, invoice disputes, not to mention pre-payments and fixed costs. These can all become laborious and difficult to report on efficiently. Cost Commitment aims to provide clear management data that will enable the period-end process to be executed quickly and efficiently.

Easy to use

  • Import data for simple set-up
  • Real-time reporting
  • Flexy purchase order approval
  • Integrated with Purchase to Pay
  • Integrated with MP Scan
  • Unlimited users
  • Head office reporting
Procure Wizard

Key benefits for your business

Matthew Armitage, Head of Procurement & Supply Chain

We now have visibility on a daily basis available to managers, regional managers, area directors and head office personnel that is both real-time and directly linked to our sales to give the managers the tools to achieve the very highest of standards of labour control within the industry.

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