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Reduce invoice processing time

Reduce invoice processing time

Automate and control your procurement process by introducing a Purchase to Pay solution that provides a single point of control for everything from raising an order to receiving electronic invoices whilst seamlessly integrating with your accounts software.

-10% in direct costs

Total visibility and control

Just imagine how much more you can accomplish with Procure Wizard’s P2P solution, if all of your suppliers’ purchase orders, delivery notes, electronic invoices, prices and products were in one place. Our ground breaking solution will provide you with total visibility and control of all expenditure and supplier relationships, whilst dramatically reducing outdated manual processes.

+5% increase in credits

Improve all or part of your P2P cycle

Improve all or part of your P2P cycle

Procure Wizard will ensure you are in total control of every order raised, delivery receipted and invoice presented to you by your supplier.

Purchase to Pay at its best

Procure Wizard provides a fully managed solution unrivalled in the marketplace. We take pride in our level of service and our unique catalogue, supplier management and product management functionality.

Purchase to pay is one of the easiest, most effective ways to maximise service delivery and save costs. We have helped organisations to secure millions of pounds of efficiency savings through implementing our Purchase to pay solution by streamlining procurement, reducing indirect spend and automating invoice processing.



New suppliers can be added and up in running in a few days, or even a few hours if you are in a hurry!
Typical supplier categories that customers use Procure Wizard to interact with:

  • Food and beverage purchases
  • Stationery and office supplies
  • Cleaning and chemical supplies
  • Maintenance and electrical supplies
  • Uniforms and workware
  • Crockery, cutlery and glassware
  • Service providers and ad hoc suppliers
  • Medical and consumable supplies
  • Capital equipment
  • Butcher, bakers and candle stickmakers

We work in partnership with both the purchaser and their suppliers to ensure that both achieve the maximum benefit from using Procure Wizard.

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Purchase orders

Our web-based ordering solution enables users with the appropriate permissions to quickly create a purchase following a pre-determined workflow from requisition to approval.

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Purchase orders

We have helped organisations to secure millions of pounds of efficiency savings.

Price comparison

A unique feature of Procure Wizard makes it possible to compare products between multiple suppliers, helping our users to make better decisions at point of purchase. Ideally suited for fresh produce purchased across categories including Fruit & Vegetables, Meat & Poultry and Fish & Seafood…


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Purchase order approval

We enable multi-site operators to set company supply chain/approval policies to be followed by every employee, for every order, regardless of the complexity of the policy. The unique system approval mechanism automatically matches the approval rights of the employee, line managers and senior manager for each and every supplier…


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No need to re-enter products or quantities. Users love our system!

Goods receiving

The goods receipting process within our solution is quick, simple and easy to use.  More importantly, it is directly linked to other critical modules including purchase orders, supplier invoicing, stock control and real-time reporting. No need to re-enter products or quantities. Users love our system!


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Invoice management

Procure Wizard will work with your suppliers to facilitate the transition from paper to electronic invoices. Our system is ideally suited to work for both small local suppliers and large national suppliers. By introducing our electronic P2P solution, we can help you achieve a 95% reduction in invoice processing time…


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Invoice management
Automated Nominal AP Integration

Automated Nominal AP Integration

Significantly reduce the time spent in coding and posting invoices! We will enable you to pre-determine the nominal code structure for the group, linked directly to supplier products and categories…


Procure Wizard enables you to eliminate the manual processing of paper invoices into your accounts package, whilst significantly improving the management controls of the full procure to pay process. We already integrate with all leading accounts software providers…

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Cost Commitment

Procure Wizard’s unique Cost Commitment module tracks and controls in real-time the actual committed expenditure against budgeted targets by nominal code and department.

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Tracks and controls in real-time the actual committed expenditure against budgeted targets.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Each organisation has a unique network of suppliers that enable the business to perform day to day. Using our solution, you are able to map each of these relationships, ensuring that the business rules are documented, fully transparent and, most importantly, are followed…


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Easy to use

  • No technology required
  • Link with any supplier, no matter how small
  • Work in conjunction with all accounts payable software
  • Seamless integration with stock management
  • Full budget control
  • An integral part of our award-winning Food & Beverage solution
  • Elimination of costly, time-consuming manual tasks
  • Straight-through Purchase Requisition → Invoice → Payment
  • Accounts payable staff freed up to deal with exception handling
  • Secure audit trail for compliance
  • Automated and accelerated invoice processing
  • Ability to re-distribute work
  • No more processing bottlenecks
  • Improved supplier visibility, discounts and penalty avoidance
  • Streamlined contract management with extensive automation
  • Our Purchase to Pay solution uses cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency and save costs
Procure Wizard

Key benefits for your business

Lee Thomas, Procurement and Contracts Manager

I have used a very well known and established solution for many years and cannot believe how much better Procure Wizard is.

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