Laundry Control

The UK’s first integrated laundry solution

Laundry Control


Revolutionise your laundry operations

Revolutionise your laundry operations

Our laundry module solution will transform the way you manage your stock and control your costs forever. Designed to streamline processes and give housekeepers across large hotel groups better control of operations, our easy to use Laundry Control system is loved by operators and suppliers alike.

+100% no nasty surprises

Real time visibility and control

Our new module will empower your housekeeping department to control and monitor the daily KPIs and linen stock used. Transforming the visibility of linen cost for multi-site operators; ensuring that you know what is happening in real-time; helping you to manage costs proactively. The laundry module will even interact directly with your suppliers, providing real-time invoice checking and dispute resolution.



KPI Tracking

The never ending movement of laundry from supplier to hotel, hotel to linen cupboards, linen cupboards to beds, and from beds back to the supplier creates a challenge both in terms of stock management but also effectively tracking the cost per let room sold against the actual stock received in real time.

Our laundry module has been designed to not only manage all of the above in one easy to use step but also to track both rejected laundry and stock in transit creating real time cost per let room analytics for each day, each week and period to date, not just for a single property or region, but for the entire group.

Never run out of stock again!

Our unique stock management adjustment feature cleverly calculates the tolerance level a hotel or restaurant needs to be stocked at to ensure they never run out of stock! Transforming the dark art of laundry control into a modern and efficient operation.


The Procure Wizard laundry module allows me to track costs anytime, anywhere.

Redefine BDL Hotels

Invoice reconciliation at the click of a button

Traditionally housekeepers need to calculate and cross check invoices against their stock. This is a time-consuming process and if you consider this could be split into departments such as Food and Beverage and Leisure and Spa that’s three different departments cross checking the one invoice – a recipe for human error and a lot of back and forth. Our Laundry Module reconciles stock against the invoice and if there is any variation, will automatically calculate and raise credits. Credit resolution suddenly became a lot slicker!

No big surprises

With our new Supplier Portal, suppliers can log in to the system on a read only setting and see exactly what their customers can see. This allows suppliers to proactively monitor stock usage and calculate expected invoices meaning no big surprises at the end of the month for you or your supplier!

No big surprises
Procure Wizard

Easy to use

  • Record your usage
  • Record your stock
  • Real-time cost analysis
  • Group league table
  • Clear and concise KPIs
  • Effortless reporting
  • Easy to track rejects

Key benefits for your business

Mary Curtin, Group Accommodation Services Manager

The Procure Wizard Laundry Module has given us complete control, access and visibility of our operations on a daily basis and allows me to track costs anytime, anywhere.

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