The electronic solution for non P2P invoices

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Imagine a life without paper invoices...

Capture 100% of your supplier invoices without the need for scanning, printing or manual entry with our new solution. Our P2P process already automates 85-95% of your invoices but what about the non-P2P ones that make up the remaining 5-15%?

Capture gives you the functionality to receive PDF invoices by email, removing the need for any staff time spent printing or scanning. Simply advise your non-P2P suppliers the new email address and watch their invoices appear in the AP posting table for processing.

Capture 100% of invoices electronically

Business benefits – far beyond the obvious

Procure Wizard fully understands that invoice processing costs can quickly spiral out of your control. That is why we provide a number of fully automated solutions that supersede the need for scanning at all, making it the exception not the rule. However, it is inevitable that some paper invoices will sneak into your business. Problems can often be caused by misfiled or lost paper invoices and inaccurate data entry. Paper invoice bottlenecks can cause your accounts team to spend a large amount of time talking to suppliers, which leads to high telephone costs and reduces time available actually processing invoices.

Business benefits – far beyond the obvious

Pesky paper - don't worry we have it covered!

Some suppliers may not use EDI, the Procure Wizard portal, or be able to email a PDF invoice meaning you still end up with paper invoices.

Don’t panic you can still locally scan your invoices to our data centre with our unique user interface which extracts the key data for processing and nominal management. This enables any manager with authorisation to review, query or approve budgets from any device or location. Automatically transfer data to your finance package for payment and store the image in our depository where it can be indexed for future retrieval by multiple search fields.

The simple scanning solution

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Invoice approval workflow

We enhance the approval workflow by providing a paperless and seamless means of channeling invoices to the budget holders. We are well placed to provide an end-to-end purchase order and approval process as our scanning module fully integrates with our purchase order management system. This ensures the tedious and often haphazard approach of PO and invoice matching becomes a smooth and automated business management function.

Procure Wizard

Easy to use

  • No more paper invoices
  • All electronic invoices in one place
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Save valuable office space
  • Eliminate data entry errors
  • Quicker workflow process
  • Faster & easier retrieval
  • Improve processing speed and monitor your outputs
  • No archiving required
  • No posting batch invoices
  • Capture all costs in one place

Key benefits for your business

Lee Thomas, Procurement and Contracts Manager

I have used a very well known and established solution for many years and cannot believe how much better Procure Wizard is.

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