Procure Wizard has given us a degree of control that we hadn’t experienced before. We have full visibility of the product and price catalogue, prices are not changed without your authorisation, all the products contain live allergen data and you can establish very easy price comparisons between suppliers and products.

I am extremely pleased with the system as it has simplified our purchasing, ordering and accounting functions very significantly. It provides us with ready live data which has proven very valuable in any negotiation and it gives us control over our supply chain and budgets.

- Marta Miguel Sans, Head of Purchasing - Macdonald Hotels

What is unique about Procure Wizard in comparison to other operating systems is that it is a full kitchen management system. It has a full array of functions, from control and waste to food flash, and allergen data. The best element is the confidence it brings you on your controls. It has got complete transparency controlling cost to purchasing, to understanding theoretical GPs on menus.

The technology is very straight-forward, and I certainly get a lot of positive feedback from the chefs, how they are embracing the technology.

The Procure Wizard flash module is a function that I use every day. The transparency that Procure Wizard gives you with that function is second to none.

The recipe management system is one of the key features that I use. It allows me to create generic specs, with complete transparency in costs, margins, to be able to be able to demonstrate theoretical GPs, and I would recommend it to any chef.

A lot of the trainers are from the hotel industry, so they understand and there is an empathy with what the operational challenges are. I think it has improved our brand standards and it certainly has improved our profitability.

I have used several other systems and I don’t think they do everything well. What Procure Wizard does differently, is they do all the management systems well. Without question the best system I’ve worked with. If you want a comprehensive management system, go with Procure Wizard.

- Keith Shearer, Group Executive Chef - Macdonald Hotels and Resorts

Procure Wizard has allowed us to manage suppliers and food stocks but, most importantly, it has significantly streamlined our accounting systems and the simplicity of order creation to invoice matching and price comparison at the time of ordering is exceptional. Reconciling the correct credits against supplies is also a lot easier and less time-consuming. We’ve also just set it up to manage our liquor supplies.

William is very good at listening to what the customer wants and his background in hospitality has helped us develop the system to meet our exact requirements. William and his team are always more than happy to help with any further enhancements required. Procure Wizard provides instant management information including operational margins and spend versus budget, enabling us to make informed decisions that will improve our profit margins, very important in these very demanding of times!

- Simon Hocking, Group Financial Controller - Q Hotels

I had the opportunity to work with William whilst determining which was the best e-procurement platform for us. William has an ability to sell the benefits of the Procure Wizard system to those who may not be comfortable with a changing working environment.

William is likeable to work with and also offers company decision maker’s confidence in his ability to deliver. The benefits of the working with Procure Wizard is we now have the ability to manage all our suppliers, streamline accounting systems and accurate “real time” recipe costing. Procure Wizard offers a tool to provide management information to make informed purchasing decisions that will protect and improve profit margins.

- Lizanne Buchanan, - Crieff Hydro

One of the key benefits being the menus, dishes and recipes module that we use. The amount of information that we can get on allergens is much quicker, much easier than it can be on any other system.  It streamlines the whole purchase to pay process – without that it’s a long, cumbersome process. The real-time data that we have makes procurement much easier and quicker, the information that we can now pull from the system in a matter of minutes is second to none.

Chefs love it for managing the stock checks, for keeping favourites list for ease of finding products.

The best thing about Procure Wizard has to be the team. They are really helpful, really quick, and nothing is too much of a hassle. The service from Procure Wizard is absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t imagine my life without Procure Wizard, I don’t know how anyone can operate without it. Going back to manual systems is absolutely not something I want to do.

I would recommend Procure Wizard without a shadow of a doubt, and I have done many times. I don’t know how people can go about their daily business without it.

- Nichola Bruce, Group Procurement Manager - Redefine BDL Hotels

The Procure Wizard Laundry Module has given us complete control, access and visibility of our operations on a daily basis and allows me to track costs anytime, anywhere.

The system has totally revolutionised how we manage linen and has made my job a lot easier. I’d recommend it to any housekeeper that wants to have complete control, access and total visibility on a daily basis.

- Mary Curtin, Group Accommodation Services Manager - Redefine

We are greatly supportive of Procure Wizard and are pleased to have introduced the system to our Group.  We also look forward to further developments with the Access Group.

- Vincent Chan, Group Financial Controller - Handpicked Hotels

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen is that through Procure Wizard we are now picking up all our credits that are due from suppliers which is something we missed before.

The training and support we have received has been excellent.

I certainly would recommend Procure Wizard to other hotel groups.

- June Samtani, F&B Cost Controller - The Lensbury

Procure Wizard has really helped our business grow and sustain profit over the years.

- Carlton Graham, Group Operations Manager - Manorview

We were pleased to adopt the Time and Attendance solution in 2017 and have quickly seen benefits in efficiency from using the solution.

- Samantha Hamilton, Group HR Manager - Dakota Hotels

The implementation of Procure Wizard’s Time and Attendance solution has allowed us to improve the accuracy of our labour forecasting as well as the accuracy of confirming employee hours worked.

The system has allowed us to completely remove the need for spreadsheets and manual entry which has made life so much easier for us!

- Douglas Humphrey, Procurement Manager - Loudons

We are able to significantly speed up the process of employee recruitment from interview to start to payroll approval, this has ensured the Operations Team have the resources available to meet the customer’s needs, without being hindered or held back by internal processes.

We now have visibility on a daily basis available to managers, regional managers, area directors and head office personnel that is both real-time and directly linked to our sales to give the managers the tools to achieve the very highest of standards of labour control within the industry.

- Matthew Armitage, Head of Procurement & Supply Chain - Patisserie Valerie

Procure Wizard has changed our business by adding value to our customers. It’s got all the modules that a restaurant requires from payroll through to online ordering.

We are able to set our prices and manage our menus more effectively, we know what our stock holding is so which means we can move our menus on if something is not workingThe system enables us to spend less time on the telephone ordering and processing invoices, and more time looking after our customers.

The system has paid for itself in year one just through visibility and cost savings.  Procure Wizard is a good one-stop solution with really helpful and lovely people to work with.

- Hector Ross, Chief Operating Officer - Bel & The Dragon

The team at Procure Wizard have been great and have been fantastic throughout the whole roll out the training programme.

The advanced stock has given us real insight into our beverage stock taking. Whether that’s a bottle of vodka that’s gone missing or a beer that is overpriced, we find out instantly.

The recipe costing module has been great for us as we know exactly what the chefs are ordering, we know exactly what they are putting into recipes, so we know the costs on a live day-by-day basis which has made a dramatic difference to the business.

Procure Wizard is a seamless solution, intuitive, easy to use and it represents value for money.

- Rob Wear, Food and Beverage Director - Caesars Entertainment

We were delighted with the implementation – when you think about integrating a new software system into your business it can seem a daunting prospect. However, we were taken aback at just how painless, seamless and simple the whole process was.

Because Procure Wizard came onsite to deliver the training to our core team, we could very quickly integrate it into our business and we were delighted how quickly all our sites were placing their orders through the system.

- Malcolm Atherton, Hospitality Group Manager - Aspers

I have been extremely impressed with the way the project has been conducted so far. Your team are very positive in delivering the art of the possible.

I have used a very well known and established solution for many years and cannot believe how much better Procure Wizard is. We are fortunate that we have used the Procure Wizard Purchase to Pay system for ordering here at Silverstone before, but all the extra functionality we are now getting is going to help us unlock the potential of our catering operation.

The supplier adoption process has been very proactive,  we asked for very tight turnarounds for a number of these and Gail and her team have always delivered.

I am looking forward to seeing how the advance stock set up goes as this will allow us to put our cost control and financial reporting where it should be.

- Lee Thomas, Procurement and Contracts Manager - Silverstone

“It gives us the ability to place an order with multiple suppliers at the same time – everything is in the same place. ‘Also, we’ve never been able to easily compare pricing across products – that’s now at our fingertips. It’s invaluable.”

“Our setup isn’t a single campus or even a single town university”, Mike explains. “We don’t have the consistency built into our business that you might gain from a single site university. This system brings consistency. ‘We want to allow our chefs to maintain creativity but ensure we are choosing sustainable options. We can now steer people to buy the right things for the right reasons.”

“It was far superior in a lot of areas and very appealing from a functionality point of view. For example, it offered better purchasing and efficiency around invoicing and invoice reconciliation.”

“It’s by far the quickest turnaround I have ever experienced and I was impressed by the way Procure Wizard approached it – they’re keen to learn how they can continuously improve their own systems and tailor to the member’s needs.”

“We can drill down and capture data about our purchasing from every order we place on each university site.Previously we would have had to analyse invoices to obtain this data. Now we can spend that time looking at how and where we are buying things.”

- Mike Hornsby, Systems Manager - University of Brighton

”TUCO Online is an excellent package which has saved significant time for our admin team. It allows for easy price comparison with suppliers, allowing savings to be made with food purchase. TUCO Online also has given us greater control of our outlets spend, as you can immediately see what the expenditure is when ordering, rather than in the invoice.”

- Jeremy Mabbutt, Head of Hospitality Services - Aberystwyth University

”The Procure Wizard portal is well-presented, intuitive and has always had the functionality I’m looking for. With friendly staff who go above and beyond, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Procure Wizard.”

- Pensworth - The Dairy Company

”S10 Supplies Ltd have been using the Procure Wizard procurement platform for a number of years now and are happy to endorse the system and the procurement team. The administration team were very helpful during the initial set-up and over the years have provided support and guidance. The training modules are also very helpful, and if you can’t find the answers and want to talk to someone, all the staff are very keen to help with any issues.”

- S10 Supplies Ltd

Directa (UK) Ltd have been suppliers on Procure Wizard now for nearly 2 years, for Maintenance, Health & Safety and Ancillary products.

I have found Procure Wizard easy to use once you have mastered navigating the system. We have benefited from invoices getting paid faster and have seen our sales grow steadily over time.

If we have ever had any problems or hiccups, the Technical Support staff have been fantastic, they have fixed any issues right away, and have always given great speedy service, no problem being too big or too small for them.

I am sure more hotel groups will start using this system and in turn, we will do more with them through Procure Wizard. I am looking forward to what the future holds, I see the partnership grow from strength to strength.

- Tony Coke, Sales Manager - Directa (UK) Ltd

The Procure Wizard is great for the accounting as we no longer have to spend hours on the phone calling for payments as they all come through automatically and the ordering is very easy as they all come through with the item codes on so that there is no mistake as to what the chef requires.

The support team are fantastic as I’m not hugely computer literate so without them there to help me make the occasional change when the chef orders the wrong thing or to help me change the prices now and again.

Overall I think Procure Wizard is an improvement on the previous method of ordering and paying.

- Fionna Bowie-Macdonald, Sales & Marketing Manager - Qar Supplies

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