4 ways technology can improve staff retention

4 ways technology can improve staff retention

Staff retention has never been more important in our industry, where the threat of a workforce crisis due to Brexit, seems ever so real. However, with the situation still unclear, we can only focus on the now, and on factors that can be controlled. Keeping a hold of a good team is more important than ever!

Technology may not immediately spring to mind when you’re thinking of ways to retain your staff, however, in the modern era using technology in the right way is key to employee engagement.  Almost 85% of your staff will use work-related technology every day, and of them 90% rely on it to do their jobs effectively, therefore, it’s important that you utilise it properly when it can contribute to keeping them motivated, happy and customer-focused

We outline how technology can have a positive impact on your workforce, giving them motivation, job satisfaction and keeping them fulfilled and armed with the tools to do a great job:


  1. Empower staff with the tools to do their job well:

A workman is only as good as his tools so the saying goes. Do your employees have the right technology to do their job well?

Giving your employees, the right technology will enable them to do their job more effectively, quicker and allow different departments to communicate.

Good Menu Engineering solutions integrate with Purchase-to-Pay, Supply Chain and EPoS, which means:

  • Chefs can analyse dish sales and calculate theoretical margins based on real-time sales.
  • They can calculate future margins based on forecasted revenues.
  • Staff know how much is left to spend to achieve the desired gross profit.
  • Your employees will feel more in control of their jobs, and that they have more influence on the bigger picture


Bad solutions cause frustration, which can be detrimental to productivity and severely impact satisfaction and effectiveness at work.

When the Procure Wizard Food and Beverage solution was introduced to Aspers casinos the results they reported were impressive. Chefs became empowered to such an extent that they were in complete control of their gross profit, improving it by an estimated 7%. Flash Reporting functionality allows them to see committed expenditure against each of their suppliers, gives real time gross margin at any given time. A massive 81% of Procure wizard users say that Procure Wizard saves them time in their role.


  1. Improved communication & collaboration:

A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 26% of employees felt email was one of the biggest productivity killers. Communication is a key challenge in any company. In the hospitality industry where organising schedules, rotas and holidays have traditionally been a hugely laborious and admin heavy task, it can be a serious time-zapper for staff. Fortunately, there is a wave of time and attendance solutions to make life so much easier.

95% of staff surveyed say that mistakes in their pay were one of the biggest causes of conflict between them and their employer.

Say hello to technology which doesn’t just allow for managers to communicate rotas to staff but for staff to be able to view their upcoming shifts, view approved hours, and even see real time if there are any available extra shift or simply request a day off!

Something as simple as requesting a holiday request has traditionally involved a lot of paperwork, emails and spreadsheets, but now it can all be kept in one simple portal available for manager and employee alike to view on an app. Staff can request a holiday, managers can approve it with the tap of a screen. Increased communication and quick interaction can increase job satisfaction thus decreasing the chances of team members becoming a flight risk!

When it comes to payroll – all the hours are there for managers to see. Furthermore, there is no risk of not paying people for the right hours as organisations increasingly move towards biometric clocking in and out systems. Employees can be assured they are being paid for all the hours they work. From their point of view, there is nothing worse than having to have a conversation about not being paid for additional hours. Your teams will be happy if they are confident you have the right information.


  1. Take away the stress:

Stress in the workplace comes in different forms. By its very nature, the hospitality industry is a busy, fast-paced with the added pressure to deliver the very best customer service levels at all times.

Technology can be used to remove certain pain points for your employees, thus reducing overall stress.

It seems that there is more to do and less time to do it in. Not having enough time to complete tasks can be a major factor in causing stress, but the way in which technology can now automate processes and remove laborious and time-consuming jobs is a real game changer. A purchase to pay system can automate up to 95% of invoices which vastly reduces invoice processing time for the finance team.

Give your managers the tools to capture all suppliers purchase orders, delivery notes, electronic invoices, prices and products in one place and reduce outdated manual processes.


  1. Embrace technology:

Perception is important, and demonstrating to your team that you are a forward-thinking company is important. Nobody wants to work for a company who is being left behind, therefore embrace technology and innovation and make sure your staff have all the tools to do their job well!

Read more about how technology can empower staff in our case study

It is important that the IT department communicates with your team, we would recommend an annual survey of all the systems you use. Ask your team to rate them for ease of use, use of data access and effort vs reward analyses so you can gauge what is working, what could be improved and what isn’t working. Your team will have undoubtedly worked for different companies within the hospitality industry, ask them what systems they have used and if they strongly recommend any. Engaging with staff on the technology tools you use will make them feel involved and that their opinion matters which will undoubtedly improve their likelihood of staying with you for the long haul.

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