Operators reassured that help is at hand to react to latest calorie control proposals

19 October 2018
Operators reassured that help is at hand to react to latest calorie control proposals

As Public Health England (PHE) announced its latest plans in a raft of measures to tackle child obesity, Access Hospitality reassured pub and bar/restaurant operators that they’re not alone and help is at hand as they prepare for introduction of the proposals

PHE has begun discussions prior to announcing draft legislation in the Spring that would subject pizzas, pies, ready meals and sandwiches to new calorie limits.  With pizza and pies being popular options across the eating out sector, the 928-calorie restriction for pizza and 695 for pies makes reworking the menu seem like a daunting prospect, and yet another obstacle to trading efficiently and successfully.

“Whilst the measures announced by PHE may sound draconian” commented Henry Seddon, Managing Director of Access Hospitality, “the government has made its intention to reduce child obesity very clear and food operators should start preparing for change to guarantee continuity of their business.  The trend towards healthier living and food choices amongst consumers has been growing in momentum in recent years which is why we have created nutritional functionality within our kitchen management system.  Calorie information is just one of the tools incorporated into Access Procurement Wizard and enables operators to retrieve calorie data of each menu item with the click of a button, with suppliers keeping product information up to date.

“Access Procure Wizard provides operators with a comprehensive suite of tools that integrate with each other, providing a single touch point to control all business costs” continued Henry. “The multiple functionality has been specifically developed to address a control requirement within the hospitality industry with the objective of improving efficiency, increasing profitability and significantly streamlining processes.”

As well as calorie information, Access Procure Wizard also provides a transparent and accessible summary of allergen information, which remains a critical challenge for operators to get right.  The system gives total visibility right across the kitchen with operators able to analyse cost, waste, sales and profitability when creating menus and recipes so that business budgets and targets are achieved.

Anybody who wants further information and support to track calorie and allergen data for their menu items can request a demo of by contacting  hospitality@theaccessgroup.com or call 0845 340 4542.


Source: British Hospitality Association “The economic contribution of the UK hospitality industry” June 2017 report.

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