A day in the life of Laura Shepherd

26 July 2018
A day in the life of Laura Shepherd

Meet Laura Shepherd, our administration assistant, who helps onboard new suppliers. Let’s find out more about her day.

Wake up time?

I normally wake up around 7.

What do you have for breakfast?

Breakfast is coffee to go (preferably Costa).

First thing you do when you get into work?

Open my emails and filter the ones that I need to action that day.

What project(s) are you working on?

Currently, I am working on onboarding new suppliers of our customers New Forest Hotels and Connect Purchasing.

Silence, radio or Spotify in the background when you’re working?

I will always have music on, either my Spotify or the Radio which is on in the office.

Favourite work colleague?

Hmmm….its a small office and I bruise easily – but they know who they are.

What’s the best bit about your job?

This role brings constant changes as all customers have different needs, this means that every day is different.

Packed lunch or take out for lunch?

I would say I now bring in a packed lunch 4 days out of 5 but a cheeky wee payday lunch is allowed.😊

Favourite thing about working for PW 

The atmosphere and the people at Procure Wizard are my favourite things about working here (most days).

How would your workmates describe working with you?

A costaholic, Next loving chatty girl.

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