A day in the life of Ewelina

26 April 2019
A day in the life of Ewelina

Meet Ewelina, who is an admin assistant for Procure Wizard Ireland. Let’s find out more about her day.

Wake up time?

I usually wake up at 6.30 am during the week and a bit later during the weekend.

 What do you have for breakfast?

I really like eggs… so that would be poached eggs on avocado & homemade bread toast with some greens on the side.

 First thing you do when you get into work?

The really first thing I do when I get into work is that I say Good Morning to everyone and turn on my computer. After that I make a cup of tea/coffee and go through all emails and planned tasks for the day.

 What project(s) are you working on?

Currently I’m working on Kelly’s Resort Hotel & Spa, Fitzgerald Hotel Group, The Left Bank and Choice Hotel Group and Layola Group.

 Silence, radio or Spotify in the background when you’re working?

I usually like silence when I really need to focus but don’t mind the music on the background on daily basis, as I am able to isolate myself from all unnecessary distractions at any time I need.

 Favourite work colleague?

That’s really hard question, as we have completely different personalities in our office. Each person is unique and gives out different energy. We are a great team and have a lot of fun in here.

 What’s the best bit about your job?

I like my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other.

 Packed lunch or take out for lunch?

I always have my lunch packed and prepared for the day. I usually plan my meals in advance.

 Favourite thing about working for PW

Favourite thing about working in PW is that we provide professional services to a wide range of clients. Each project presents unique challenges. I also really like working with people in here as we are like a big family.

 How would your work mates describe working with you?

I don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I hope my colleagues would describe me as someone who puts their best efforts into everything I do and that I would help others with anything they need so as a group we are all meeting the same deadlines.

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