Our Story to Date

Where good ideas and true innovation began

Our Story to Date


Our story starts in 2009 when the company was first founded. Former hotelier William Gorol, Founder and Managing Director, could see that technology wasn’t being utilised to its full capability within the hospitality industry. Telephone and online ordering were still considered the norm and the systems that were available were clunky and difficult to use.

After re-mortgaging his own house to raise the finance required and recruiting a talented programmer by the name of Andrew Mather (now our Technical Director), William started to put the wheels in motion to create a market leading solution that would combine:

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Easy-to-use functionality
  • A tangible ROI for organisations
  • First class customer service
  • Customer-led solutions with continuous development

From his years working in hospitality, William had a clear vision of what Procure Wizard should achieve and deliver to both customers and suppliers alike.

This time it will be different!

The hospitality industry wasn’t short of back of house systems however they were always a talking point for the wrong reasons. Clunky, difficult to navigate, no thought was given to the supplier experience and poor customer service.

The marketplace didn’t need another system with the same poor functionality and non-existent customer service. William decided Procure Wizard would be different!

Easy like 1,2,3

The user experience is often overlooked when it comes to technology, yet it should be one of the first things on the list. A solution that is easy to use and intuitive is going to have a much quicker adoption rate into an organisation gaining instant buy-in from top to bottom. When technology is used correctly everyone can see the benefits!

Service with a smile

One thing that was non-negotiable was ensuring Procure Wizard delivered first-class customer service to customers. It’s all very well paying heed to new prospects but all too often, as soon as they’ve signed on the dotting line, customer care goes out the window.  Procure Wizard needed to be built on excellent personal experience and have support available to both customers and suppliers 24/7.

A quick implementation

We promise to get customers live within 12 weeks! All too often when an organisation is adopting new technology it can turn into a long and painful process – we’ve heard nightmare stories from clients abot still going through an implementation 2 years after signing up!

What about the suppliers?

Procure Wizard wouldn’t just focus on customers, it was imperative suppliers could use the system with ease which is why we offer free supplier training and support! We know we’re doing something right as we have suppliers providing us with testimonials as well as customers and we have new customers knocking on our door after being told about Procure Wizard by their suppliers!

The very first order

In August 2010 the very first order was placed via Procure Wizard by the Executive Chef at Westerwood Hotel, part of the Q Hotels – Procure Wizard was in business!

A little over 2 years later, in November 2012, the 500,000th order was placed through Procure Wizard and in 2014 the millionth order! It’s a credit to the developers who created the system that we have been able to grow so quickly.

Fast forward 8 years and we are firmly established, not just as an online ordering system but as the leading all-in-one hospitality management solution in the UK. We have added a suite of complementary solutions:

·         Purchase to Pay

·         FnB Control

·         Time & Attendance

·         Absence Management

·         Laundry Control

·         Contract Diary

·         Capture (an electronic solution for non-P2P client)


Procure Wizard Ireland was established in 2015 and is going from strength to strength.

We went international in September 2016 with our first overseas client in South Africa, the Emerald Resorts and Casinos, who are part of the Caesars Group. Since then we’ve extended our client base to the Bahamas and Switzerland.

We’ve picked up several awards including Top 25 Best Employers in Hospitality in 2011, Top 20 Cloud companies in 2017 and the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise Innovation 2016 which saw a trip to Buckingham Palace for William! Something that was hard to imagine when he started up the company in a small office for 4 in Loanhead!

What happens next – stay tuned as we continue to work on groundbreaking solutions and products to make life easier for the hospitality industry and beyond.

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William's knowledge of running a hotel ensures that his system is sensible and aligns the basics of food cost management with technology.

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